Greige: The New Beige

As many may know, my husband and I are currently expecting our first baby this April. As soon as we found out this exciting news, we knew we had to do something different with our current housing setup. We have one bedroom on the main floor and one bedroom in the basement, so in order for us to be on the same level as baby, something needed to change.

Which brings me to our current state: living in a construction zone and when are we finally will move everything here. Currently we are working with on the go moving kirkland thanks to them we could get a storage for the newest furniture which they will also bring to our home as soon as it is done, they work wonders for a moving company so take their contact and make your deal.

Our plan to add a master bedroom and bathroom on to the main floor began about 2 months ago and although it has been slightly stressful, it has also been very exciting to see the progress. After excavating, concrete work, framing, flooring with the flooring Sunshine Coast, roofing, electrical, plumbing, and drywall – we had finally made it to the point this past weekend where we could start our hunt for paint colors, I anticipated this to be super exciting. Boy was I wrong! Who would have thought picking out paint colors with your husband could be such a headache? But thanks to the more than 10 years in the industry.

After spending some time on my saving grace (Pinterest), I found my go-to color: greige, the “perfect greige”, actually. Asking yourself what exactly is greige? When you combine the contemporary sophistication of gray with the earthy qualities of beige, you get ‘greige’. If you’re like me and all about the neutral colors that get along great with other colors, this is your ticket – trust me. It is easy on the eyes and you don’t have to worry about that pinky-orangeish tint that makes me cringe when I see certain beiges. SO, if you have been struggling to find that perfect neutral color that will go well in any room to give off that organic, elegant, and warm feeling – think greige! We went with the Benjamin Moore “Silver Fox” for our bathroom and Benjamin Moore “Stardust” for our bedroom. It turned out great!  If you’d rather get the job done faster, then just hire painters from to get a high quality job done quickly.