Meeting Maggie

The minute I reach for my Muck boots and Green Bay Packers stocking hat, our black lab Lilly and chocolate lab Beau know exactly what’s up. Tails wagging, paws bouncing up and down as they do their happy dance, and little whines of excitement that they can hardly hold back. Almost every morning we are out the door just as it gets light enough to see and be seen.

We start out on our walk and head to the nearest road just north of our home where we rarely see a car or even hear one for that matter. It’s quiet, and that’s why we enjoy going that way. Leash-less, Beau and Lilly prance along occasionally ranging after a squirrel or rabbit, who happen to be running for dear life. Like clockwork, we pass Maggie’s house about 5 minutes after the hour every day. The front door of the house opens and chocolate lab Maggie steps out to greet the rest of the world. She is getting older, so making it up the hill of a driveway gets to be somewhat of a task. Not to worry, she will be at the top of the driveway when we head back.

We continue our walk, approaching Eagle’s Nest when we usually see the sun begin to rise over the lake which is absolutely breathtaking somedays – as always pictures don’t do justice.
The dog’s weave in an out of the woods, noses on the ground, seeking all of the fresh scents that overwhelm them. We occasionally see a deer cross the road several yards in front of us, we have seen fox, and we even see a bear or two (in the summertime), but they can stay far, far away.
We arrive at the turn where we head down the hill to the easement road that runs right along the lake.

This is the dog’s favorite part of the walk – and mine too, I must add. They sprint down to the lake where they feel wild and free. Lilly rolls on her back to make a ‘snow-dog’ as I like to call it, which basically resembles a distorted snow angel. Beau is still on the hunt for the same rabbit that he lost about a mile back, but he’s determined. It makes me happy seeing them so happy and full of life.

Heading back up the hill to the main road is getting to be more and more of a struggle at 7.5 months pregnant. Even if my foot prints aren’t as far apart as they were the day before, and it takes me a couple extra minutes, we manage to make it to the top.

Time to start heading back for the house. We see Maggie in the distance waiting at the top of the driveway. Beau and Lilly aren’t quite sure if they should run ahead and greet her or if they should try not to be seen and sneak up on her. I call out to her, “Good Morning Maggers!” She starts wagging her tail, waiting anxiously. Beau and Lilly run up and greet her, making sure to sniff each other out first. I give her a good pet. Beau and Lilly keep on moving as if there is no time to waste. Maggie heads down the hill and looks back up at us about halfway down. She makes her way to the front door of the house and her owner’s let her back in and wave to us. It is a great feeling to have such great neighbors who you don’t necessarily cross paths directly with each and every day, but you know they are always watching out for you, as you are for them.

Now I know why Beau and Lilly are starting to speed up to get home – it’s time to eat! Lilly sprints about 10 yards forward then runs back to my side. Beau waits right outside the garage door – looks at the door, looks at me, looks at the door, looks at me. I know exactly what he’s thinking, “come on, Mom! Hurry up! This guys gotta eat.” Dog chow and a milk bone is served. I’d say that makes for two happy pups!

Make it a great day!